Simple Marriage


Find yourself struggling to find time or even be interested in sex?

The dream used to be

  • romance
  • trust
  • deep connection
  • passionate sex
… but now it’s

  • schedules
  • uncertainty
  • unresolved arguments
  • a trickle of mediocre sex (usually focused on him)

Many women get lost in the chaos and schedules of life (i.e. to do lists) and wind up simply … tired.

Your heart used to be the key compass guiding your life – but it gets lost among calendars, housework, business and smartphones.

Welcome to the path to reclaim your heart (and your spark) for passion and pleasure!

I’ll make the same statement I made to the fellas …

The man most able to give you the best sex and your best shot at increasing the passion in your life and marriage already climbs into bed with you each night with your wedding ring on his finger.

Welcome to the journey toward a life filled with passion and adventure. And the journey toward moving sex off the “to do” list and into the romance of the relationship.

Cost for her: $150