Simple Marriage


Reached a point where you’ve lost your way?

Life used to be about

  • adventure
  • pleasure
  • passion
  • sex
… but it’s turned into

  • routine
  • uncertainty
  • boredom
  • a trickle of mediocre sex

Most of us are taught little if anything about women (or marriage for that matter), so it’s not surprising that she confuses you and your attempts to make her happy fail more often than not.

Perhaps you’ve lived by the old adage “Happy wife equals happy life” but you’ve wound up lost along the way.

It’s time to reclaim a life of power, wealth, meaning … and great sex!

I’ll shoot straight with you …

The woman most able to give you the hottest sex and your best shot at lasting happiness already climbs into bed with you each night with your wedding ring on her finger.

Welcome to the journey toward being a better man (or speaking man-to-man … welcome to the journey toward getting laid like tile).

Cost for him: $150